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Bars I Have Loved

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Some fun, for a change. This is the interior of the French House, in London's Soho. It was taken after the long-time landlord Gaston Berlement retired, because he didn't permit stools at all. In Ga

Nearly went there last week, but ended up in Walker's instead.

Are you suggesting a Farrell's Rule? That no one can post about a place unless they've been there?

Wouldn't you think it curious if it turned out I had never been to Sammy's Roumanian?


I'll bet you wish you hadn't.

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True, but I'd also be a lot more reticent about criticizing it.


In my neighborhood Farrell's is a watchword for "dive with bar fights" in the same way that Bernie Madoff is shorthand for "white collar criminal."


You have been trying to shame me on this issue for 5 years now without success but by all means, please keep trying.

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Says the man who saw the woman crawling on the sidewalk in front of the bar and kept walking.


You did join me eventually.


I felt the urge to protect you.


I'll tell you what - it takes a special type of person who sees a drunken women crawling around on the sidewalk outside a dive bar and says to himself "Yes, this must be the place." I've walked through drug dealers congregating in the lobby of a building in the South Bronx and thought it less frightening that walking into the hellmouth of port 41.

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