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Bars I Have Loved

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The oldest bar on Staten Island, Liedy's Shore Inn.  Tranquil in the daytime: not a place to be stepping on anyone's feet after dark.



What a great thread, I’d forgotten it existed.


Anyway, I decided to get off my ass today, and took the ferry and bus to the heart of Staten Island for an African Festival indicated by Eating in Translation. I think Dave maybe hadn’t been for a few years, but there wasn’t a lot to do there.


I decided on exercise. Walked up to Richmond Terrace under the “African sun,” as the festival MC had plausibly described it. Strolled a couple of miles and took some rest under the mighty pillars of Snug Harbor.


Then Liedy’s. Cool and frozen in time, game on the TV (it’s a Yankees bar). Four or five regulars at the bar. I smiled and gave them the big hello. I was bought a drink. We talked. I was lucky to get away. I was that fascinating thing, not a regular.


The place is a gem. And still has the Elvis shows.


I still had a long walk back to the ferry.

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I can confirm that dragonfly in Beirut still exists, and is still great. Torino Express next door is also really friendly.

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