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Sheffield: The Railway Tap and Dining Rooms

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Sounds like an enjoyable place. The trains make it all the more so.


From the Guardian:


Roll in to Sheffield train station and take a walk into the Sheffield Tap and you'll experience something altogether different. Snake through the cavernous Grade II listed building and come to the bar, and you will be greeted with beers from across the world in their hundreds, a glorious interior and not a television or generic brand in sight. The Tap is not a new arrival to the city; it has been winning awards and recognition from beer lovers all over the country for three years now. But it has just opened up a huge extension, now complete with an on-site brewery.

The pub is housed in an Edwardian Refreshment and Dining Room, converted into a humble waiting room by British Rail, vandalised and mistreated, closed in 1976 and left to rot. Until 2008, when, via private investment and a grant from the Railway Heritage Trust, work began to restore it to its former glory, with a commitment to keep its architectural integrity. It re-opened as the Sheffield Tap in 2010 but the neighbouring dining room remained behind closed doors, in disrepair.

Come January this year, that last sorry reminder of the bad days ended. The Tap revealed an eye-popping conversion with loads of extra seating, the brewery and a public viewing gallery, allowing customers to see their beer being made as they swill the results.




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