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Breads Bakery

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I've had only one item from Breads Bakery, 18 E. 16th Street, half a block from the Union Square Greenmarket, but it was so good that I am eager to try some others. The bakery got some press when it opened a couple of months ago. It's a branch, sort of, of an Israeli bakery owned by a man whose parents were from Denmark and, as one would guess from that pedigree, the sweet pastries looked good, but it was the small "Jerusalem baguette" that I couldn't resist. It was about 5 inches long, sharply pointed at both ends, lavishly coated in sesame seeds and better than any sesame bagel I've ever had. I think it comes in a larger size, too.

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Hasn't slid yet. This is a place to avoid if you are on any sort of a weight-loss, anti-carb kick. Bought a beautiful caraway rye today, along with some spinach/feta stuffed bureka (which are quite buttery) and rugelach. The babka looked great, but I ran out before being really bad.

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Breads's hamantaschen are well-regarded.  I stopped in and bought a bunch before the show I went to tonight in Lincoln Center.


The crusts are too grainy/powdery for me.  But that isn't what I want to talk about.


There were limited sweet hamantaschen left.  Many were savory.  Savory hamantaschen?  What's up with that?  But I felt confident in steering away from them.  I mean, a pizza hamantasch?  Who would want that?  What's next?  A cheeseburger hamantasch?  A Reuben hamanasch?  God forbid!


I'll be charitable and figure that they had run out of prune and apricot by the time of my arrival around 6:30, rather than somehow not having had them at all.  Chocolate was out of the question.  (What are these guys thinking?)  I got some mohn (I LOVE them) and, despite my misgivings (what, is this Rosh Hashanah?), apple.


I also got something called Purple Haze with poppy or really I guess they were caraway seeds baked into the crust and a purple filling.  It had to be some kind of berry, right?


It was horseradish.  Who the FUCK wants a horseradish-filled hamantasch?  What conceivable human need does it fill?


I think their bakers must have done too much Purple Haze before they created these.


ETA:  No, it's poppy in the Purple Haze crust.

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  Chocolate was out of the question. 
Hmm.  I dunno.  A former MF-er posted on Facebook that at the request of her 9-year old, made Nutella hamantaschen.  That sounded pretty good to me.  Nevertheless, I made my usual apricot and prune.
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