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Bar's We DON'T Love (NYC)

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Yelp does the Old Carriage Inn full justice:


Simply a down home sports bar. lots of good brews and all the games were on...no scene, which was nice. Friendly service...we didn't order any food, but the beers were tasty. This is a place to go if you just want to watch sports and kick it with your friends...minus the hipsters.



What a good place too get stabbed*!
*I overexaggerate. We simply witnessed a stranger punch a patron in the back of the head and leave. Average thursday



Yes, let's not underexaggerate.

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More from Yelp -


My first stop was to the bathroom. I'm not one to usually pick on the cleanliness of bar bathrooms, because, c'mon, it's a bathroom. In the city. And people are known to treat it like crap (pun intended?) when they're drunk. But MAN it gave me the heebie jeebies. One of the toilets was filled to the brim (yet girls kept using it... huh??) The other toilet worked fine. Then I came out to wash my hands... and discovered that BOTH of the sinks were clogged and filled right to the top. As in you can't even run the water. Luckily I had sanitizer on me (and this was completely by chance... I'm also not one of THOSE girls who normally carries sanitizer around. I'm not even sure how it got in my purse.) Anyway, ick. I've worked retail, and I've had to deal with jerky customers complaining about bathrooms when they're not in the best shape, but this was something else.


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More redux.


This dive is very out of place on 7th avenue... but we love it for it. NOT for the germ-phobic.

The prices need to be slashed about 30%, across the board, for such a dive.

There's always a couple of derelicts hanging out by the door. Where do they live? Where did they come from? How do they afford the drinks ... at least until mgmt implements the price reduction plan suggested above?

They serve food? And people ORDER it? Oh goodness, I hope they're up to date on their shots.



I wasn't exaggerating in any way.


There is a sweet innocence about some of the Yelpers, as if they walked in thinking the Old Carriage Inn was some type of faux Disney version of a dive bar. They think somehow they'll be protected from bad things.


No kid, you're not in Indiana any more. This is a little bit of Old Brooklyn that we keep around just to scare the shit out of you. Think of it as a kind of Jurassic Park for alkies.

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I stopped in to Rattle N Hum on Sunday afternoon for a beer. I'd heard stories that the place attracted a fratty crowd. Those stories are true.


I was surrounded on either side. The group to the left indulged in competitive random hooting. The group to the right was far worse. The king asshole featured a guttural bray, the kind of steroid roughened voice you find on trash talking pro wrestlers. His pal responded by singing along with some crappy slow stadium rock ballad played on the sound system. He just didn't join in on the occasional chorus. No, he sang the whole goddam thing to his wrestler talking friend. Loud.


This is going to be hard to believe but they were wearing hockey jerseys.


The beer selection was good but there's no need to put up with the unpleasant.atmosphere. There are other places to get a beer.

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