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Draught Beer to Go At Grand Central

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Hang on to your hats, commuters...


Beer Table, located in Grand Central Terminal’s Graybar Passage, has a new product that will give commuters a way to have draft beer on-the-go.


Available now, the Pint To Go jar is a re-sealable, portable way to have draft beer in mobile format. The pint jar retails for $2, the lid is $.50, and the koozie is $1. The three products together are sold for $3. Pint To Go beer prices range between $4 and $7.

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Awesome... Justin is a really smart guy. I have heard some good things about his future projects. The beer to go sounds perfect. I tried to get a beer to go last weekend at Brooklyn Victory garden, i was shocked they wouldnt pour me a beer in a glass. I even said, i wouldnt put a straw in it until i left there place.

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MetroNorth removed the bar cars on its own lines several years ago, but I believe the New Haven Line service (funded by CT) still has them. There was a kerfluffle when the new M-8 cars were initially designed without them. That was changed very quickly.

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