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Where to buy stuff around Chicago

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We're going with the 2-pack pie shells available in the refrigerator section of your local grocer($1.69). Using a 2-inch ring mold cutter I'm able to get about 19 circles out of one 9-inch pie shell. After docking them I put them on an upside down mini muffin tin and bake 8 minutes at 350F. Initial experiments look good. I think a 3-inch shell would have been too big as we now feel these should be a pop-in-the-mouth kind of thing.

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Produce World has Gruet Sparkling Wine - extra dry, brut, and demi sec - on sale for $7.99. Never seen it this low anywhere; Binnys nonsale price is currently $14.99.


ETA: I bought out the Norridge store, 16 bottles of extra dry and brut. They alao have Evolution on sale. I always considered this to be a poor man's Conundrum. It's a good hot afternoon crisp white wine. Evolution usually sells around $11; they have it on sale 2 for $10.

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Update: Evolution is now 3 / $9. I cleaned them out. Also bought Lioco Chardonnay 2011. I bought this from the winery for $25 about 2 years ago. Bought it from PW for $3.99. The provenance seems okay as the fruit is there and the after taste is long. I need to stop here almost daily to see what they have.

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