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Agriturismo in Northern Italy?

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We also hiked up from Merano to Schloss Tirol, over the Tappeiner Weg. It’s really fun now that the kids don’t need to be carried around. Also we’ve figured out where the good places to eat are. Makes up for being totally boring and coming to the same place every year.

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We just had the (slightly alcohol-induced) idea to do a long weekend in the Alto Adige with the miniB's. Does anyone here have any insights on places to stay/eat? Or a good resource for looking up pla

Spent another lovely long weekend hiking in Südtirol. Even the extra hour on the highway, because of the G7, didn't dampen our mood.   You can get fresh buttermilk in many of the mountain cabins on

There are several Michelin starred and otherwise recognised places in and around Merano but the place that really stuck in our heads this trip was Meteo. Small place run by a couple of eccentric food savants. The interior looks like something Carlo Molino would have come up with if he had been interested in restaurants. How to explain the food? Very simple but with a clever twist, and perfect, perfect technique. For example, Vitello sgrombato (ie with mackerel instead of tuna) served with crisp apple slices and pencil thin raw asparagus. A "piperade" made from a delicious tomato and (piment d'esplette?) sauce, with chunks of fennel, eggplant, shallot all cooked separately, topped with large basil leaves and fresh fennel tops, and a soft boiled egg.   A perfectly cooked piece of marinated salmon (looked like glass, barely flaking) on top of a bright green pool of peas pureed with mint, topped by a tangle of crisp pea shoots. Paccheri with fennel & raisins in a curry sauce, topped with bright fennel greens. All pastas are homemade, and for the kids they're willing to serve with plain (& delicious) tomato sauce. It's rare that I eat this type of food out without thinking I could have done it better at home, but there you go. Super interesting wine recommendations as well as very creative desserts -- smoked milk ice cream with cherry sauce and hazelnut crumble, amongst other things. 

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Worth mentioning: we drove down to Appiano for ten days in July, and bought WAY too much wine. Mainly Manincor and Elena Walch, but there are lots of good ones. Great hiking and excellent food. What's not to like? 

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