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Agriturismo in Northern Italy?

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We just had the (slightly alcohol-induced) idea to do a long weekend in the Alto Adige with the miniB's. Does anyone here have any insights on places to stay/eat? Or a good resource for looking up pla

Spent another lovely long weekend hiking in Südtirol. Even the extra hour on the highway, because of the G7, didn't dampen our mood.   You can get fresh buttermilk in many of the mountain cabins on


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I liked this article from Emiko Davis, Interviewing her Italian sommelier husband.


It echos a lot of what we have seen meeting winemakers in Südtirol. And the stuff they’re making isn’t ”hipster” at all, generally very elegant and well balanced, bringing out the characteristics of the grape with as little manipulation as possible. All backed by an insane amount of craftsmanship and knowledge.

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I drink a lot of wines that are biodynamic but not "Natural".  They're some of my favorite things to drink:  you get all the purity, but some nights you don't want to be challenged by weirdness, no matter how "glou-glou" it is.

Wines like that get no love in New York.  The Cool Kids make like they don't exist.  Or aren't worth thinking about.

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And speaking of the Sudtirol, I just noticed what's happened to the prices of Nusserhof (at least here in New York).  I was stunned (although I shouldn't have even been surprised).

There with Occhipinti among the wines I can no longer bring myself to buy.

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@Behemoth after years of reading this thread we are finally going to make it to the Dolomites at the end of August. Now to figure out the details....we will be flying in and out of Milan. Current idea would be 4 nights at the Holzner with the other 4 "free" nights split between Venice and either someone on the lake or maybe just more time in Milan, or maybe two nights in Merano? As I've never been to Venice I don't want to skip it this trip as who knows when we'll be back. 

Q also for @Anthony Bonner, did you rent a car? Is it necessary? It seems like the trains can get us to and from Milan fairly easily I'm just not sure if we'd want to have a car while at the hotel. 

Holzner has 4 night minimum the week we are looking so also wondering if it makes sense to find different accomodations where we can hop around a bit more in the time we have...

thanks for the inspiration!

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Super jealous. One of those places that if I lived in London rather than NYC I would go all the time. 

We did not rent a car. One caveat - its longer than it looks from the Bolzano train station to the Cablecar station. I was lugging a two year old in a carrier and we had a duffel filled with essentially things like a 3 year old and a 5 year old need.  It was rough. 

That said - the Holzner is great if you have kids - but it seems like there are lots of equally great places in that part of the world - especially if you have older kids. IIRC @Behemoth has mostly moved on to other places as her kids have gotten older. 

I think the no car thing worked really well there because you have the little local rail line you take around the immediate area.

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It depends on what you like to do. Merano is a fixed point in the year for us as it has a good combination of town for the evening, with phenomenal alpine hiking close by for the day. That said the hiking is much easier to get to with a car. 

We stay at Ottmanngut. It's not remotely a children's hotel but we've been going there since the kids were 2 years and 3 months respectively and in the meantime the owners also have small kids. 

If you decide to spend time in Merano I can give you a long list of stuff we like in the area. 

But really, for me the reason to go to Alto Adige is to be in the Alps. 

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