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It's a really fun place to hang out. It's a relaxed local bar with some really good bar food. The menu reads like the greatest hits from a bar menu (minus potato skins) There are tater tots and wings, there are fried shrimp sandwiches and pork sandwiches and ribs and fried chicken, wedge salads, plates of nachos and chili. What is not to enjoy.

A nice mix between craft beers and American Chugging beers, there is a nice whiskey list and a cocktail menu. Service is friendly, tables are comfortable.

So far, all so good. Last night may have been my third attempt to go there. I am not a big crowd person and every other attempt was made in the witching hours of a weekend evening. So, if a lively pick up scene is your thing, than this is a fun place for that too.

We arrived early, 8 pm last night. There were a few tables open.. Seating is first come first serve.

The four of us ordered a wedge salad and a plate of nachos to start and then asked for wings and a po boy to be delivered after that.

The wedge salad is unique in that they use a thousand island dressing. Besides that it's standard. Chunks of creamy blue cheese, lots of crispy bacon, a very respectable version.

The nachos can come in two sizes, we opted for the small and it was a nice portion. There was a cheese sauce (not some truck stop pump cheese) as well as shredded cheese. I liked the dimension this added. There was also chili and stewed tomatoes and pickled jalapenos. One of the more enjoyable versions. This was not gourmet, this is well thought out greasy spoon stuff. They kept it grimy and cared for.

My issue was with the next two dishes. However, this is kind of our fault, or not our fault but, something to remember for the future. Because this place is always busy or at least nicely humming, the kitchen is on banging shit out mode. So, what i felt went down was, when we ordered the salad and the nachos, the wings and shrimp po boy were also put in. So, everything was essentially ready at the same time.

The wings felt like they sat out waiting for us to finish our nachos as did the po boy. The flavor was there, the texture was not.

The wings were definitely on the hot side. Not unbearable, i love spicy food. However, if you don't like spicy food, this would be considered a hot to extra hot at most normal places. Places where they put your photo on the wall for finishing the plate, well, it would be a medium to hot.

The shrimp po boy were fried shrimp. Like a thin batter, not a thick breading. It is not served on a traditional french loaf but, on Texas Toast. It's a nice thick piece of buttered and toasted white bread. It is served on cut so, if you are sharing, having the kitchen cut it, if they will. But, the sandwich was sitting a little and the bottom bun was a little soggy.. We flipped the sandwich and life continued.

Good food, fun atmosphere, nice waitstaff.

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My gripe with this place (which is practically at my doorstep) comes from attitude I got from a bartender - twice, same guy. First time I went there he thought my friend and I had just been to see Barbra Streisand at the Barclay Center. I have no words to describe the horror of that. Plus, he put water in my bourbon (I hadn't asked for bourbon and water, but that's what I got). Took me a while to get over that, but I gave them a second try. I asked him which wings were better - the barbecued wings or the Buffalo wings, and he said, "You'd better get the barbecue wings. The Buffalo wings are spicy." I said, "Good, all the better," and ordered the Buffalo wings, which weren't hot by my measure. I don't know why he pegged me as someone who can't drink liquor or eat food with character (or listen to good music, for god's sake), but he did. Can't forgive him for it.

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Well, why would anyone want to dim the wonderful taste of whiskey? (Sneak, I'm still trying to work out what you mean I do look like.) Lex, I can't tell whether he was a poor judge of character or whether it was some weird ageism thing on his part. Or maybe he doesn't understand that hipsters didn't invent the world of Brooklyn as he knows it. He was so full of presumption, and so wildly off the mark.

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H, all I meant is that you are one of the least dissolute-looking people I know.


I am positive that you will be the opposite of offended if I say that, appearances aside, you are very far from being the least actually dissolute person I know.


I think it must be that upstate thing.

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that sucks. H. Whats happens to Miss A and myself most times is, they put her "manly" glass of whiskey in front of me and serve her my "chick" drink. We just switch.


And yes, I was at the Barbra Streissand Concert. We jump into a taxi and went to pouring ribbons but, Miss A is a die hard. I have seen Yentil more times than i care to admit. Well, that is a double douse for her as she has a thing for Mand-ala Pitikin. We have almost gone to hear his yiddish concerts..


Our waitress was extremely nice. it's a shame that a dick bartender is turning away business for them. You are not really missing much as I doubt I would have much of a desire to go here if it wasn't for Miss K and her love of nachos, wings and wedge salads. Her favorite place is still Dram Shop.

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Daniel, I don't have anything against Barbra. It's just that I'm more of an Iggy Pop at CBGBs person than a Streisand at the Barclay Center person (Sneak can vouch for me on that).


I think Miss K will do fine there, until she's old enough to order liquor - at which point they'll assume she has less taste in anything than she does.

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Went here yesterday,,.. This place is great.. It's simple, friendly and their menu is like the greatest hits of stoner bar food.. Though, potato skins were sorely missed as they are my favorite things..


We started with:


Jax swiped my empty whiskey shot off the table and stuck his fingers in the whiskey.. He then proceeded to do his delicious hum..




Kung Po shrimp were great.. wonderful crispy battered shell, then I forget all of the flavors but, the sauce relied heavily on fermented black bean paste if I am not mistaken..




A monster double with two 5 ounce patties.. It reminded me of Shake Shake but, not as greasy or salty.. I infact salted each bite and it was brighter.. I want to say it reminds me of a 5 Guys burger but, i haven't eaten at a 5 guys in many years... It's definitely a good burger.




Not very consistent on the cook but, i did not affect my experience.




This is how the burger came prior to us splitting it three ways.. We ordered tots and cheese sauce.. I would skip the cheese sauce, it was tasteless..even after salting it was tasteless.. it was just a bowl of unflavored calories.. only dud I have had there




staff was friendly

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So, this is our spot I guess.. There is a playground and sprinklers near by, they have a green market close by on the weekend and well, it's a healthy walk and Jax passes out right after lunch and then we cruise around.. Miss A with the photography credit


Nachos.. They nachos themselves are super thin. This means that they get soggy quickly but, are good before that occurs.. They are a decent.




burger, still good.. A lot less salty than a Shake Shack.





Chicken sandwich.. never had this before and will not be having it again.. I don't understand why it's so hard to find a decent fried chicken sandwich. this hot chicken phase is all the rage.. This was not spicy, it was spiced with a very strong blackening type spice rub.. It just wasnt good.. But, i have been so disappointed by all of the chicken sandwiches I have had recently.. I dont understand.




So, mental note, stick with the burger..

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