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Coravin: Have your wine and drink it too

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Amazing gadget that lets you pour from a bottle without uncorking it. Very damn smart.   http://mashable.com/2013/07/31/coravin-wine/   Christopher

Access your favorite wines without pulling the cork. Coravin Wine Access Technology allows you to pour and enjoy fine wine without disturbing the natural aging process—or the pressure to commit to the

I'd be glad of the opportunity to pay $50 for a glass of Burgundy rather than, say, $150-200 for a bottle. One of my [many] social failings is the lack of oenophiles amongst my friends, and I can't drink a bottle of grand cru Burgundy by myself. Well, not with much distinction...


Once we start getting to $100 per glass, I'd likely simply plump for a bottle, even if a lesser wine, though I might still pay $100+ to try a glass of DRC.

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I am curious how small a 'glass' of DRC one could sell this way. A thimbleful?


Perhaps more effective: pour a proper amount in one of those giant Riedel Sommeliers, let everyone take a proper swirl and sniff, then decant into thimbles.

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Recently I dined at Le Cirque here and they were offering some (more so than normal) interesting wines by the glass thanks to a new 'system'--Coravin. We opted for a bottle. But, the sommelier was very enthusiastic about this new system. Does anyone here have experience with it?

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