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Juni gets a website.   From the Times article:     Opens Monday in the Hotel Chandler in midtown.

20+40+15=60.   Oh dear. Or rather, "huh"?

Why not stop over-ordering?   And three starters at Juni would be more expensive than The Elm unless you ordered the three most expensive small plates at The Elm.

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Is foie gras suddenly a vegetable now?


But look - the animals are listed as the second ingredient in the entrees. You get a big bowl of anise hyssop with some duck :lol:


I hope he's paying the non-refundable, no-change, last minute, just in front of the smoking rows fare for his PR experience.


p.s. isn't it funny how PR peeps who just months ago were pushing chefs to feature all kinds of Bourdain food on their critic bait menu are now pushing vegetable centric?

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Hmm. Food is consistent in quality with SHO, so seems NYTimes 3 star level.


Room is very cut up so it seems very intimate and small - you can only see a few other tables at once.


Lack of availability on OT is misleading.


The vegetable thing is a bit of a gimmick - you wouldn't really notice it just from the food, but there are some interesting things like anise hyssop, but they don't take center stage in any meaningful way. It's no L'Arpege (duh).


I want to like this place a lot, and by all rights it should be better than The Elm, but it just isn't - at least at this point in time.

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