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Juni gets a website.   From the Times article:     Opens Monday in the Hotel Chandler in midtown.

20+40+15=60.   Oh dear. Or rather, "huh"?

Why not stop over-ordering?   And three starters at Juni would be more expensive than The Elm unless you ordered the three most expensive small plates at The Elm.

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Dufresne, Liebrandt, Hergatt? There may be more.


WD~50 would likely still be humming along, if it hadn't lost its lease. You'd have to think there is still a market somewhere for the full Wylie, if he plays his cards right.


Liebrandt and Hergatt clearly have something yet to prove, i.e., that they can create a restaurant that showcases their best work and that is an enduring success.


The full list would perhaps include people like David Waltuck and Laurent Tourondel, who stopped trying.

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I'm sure this'll be very good, BTW, but: what kind of food culture are we in where Gray Kunz ends up running a steakhouse?


That's what I meant by "stopped trying." It's the same reason why Laurent Tourondel went the steakhouse route. He'll install a menu that lesser talents can execute in his absence, and move onto the next consulting gig. It's not even remotely intended to represent his best work.

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