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Juni gets a website.   From the Times article:     Opens Monday in the Hotel Chandler in midtown.

20+40+15=60.   Oh dear. Or rather, "huh"?

Why not stop over-ordering?   And three starters at Juni would be more expensive than The Elm unless you ordered the three most expensive small plates at The Elm.

Posted Images

We in fact had that exact fish course at Juni. It's at least 50% larger than comparable small plates at The Elm.


If it's 50 percent larger than a half share of the turbot dish, it's a misleading photo.


ETA: And if it is 50 percent larger than the skate, well, it's double the price.

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Both Daniel and Suzanne spent considerably more.


I would not consider my meal or its cost representative FOR A SOLO DINER. It was more in line with what I might spend as a pair, which halves the cost per person. (I jumped in with this comment before reading all the thread that followed what mitchells said.)

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The hypothesis is that only a very eccentric pair of diners, confronted by the menu at The Elm, would order a small plate each, a plate to share, and a couple of desserts. This is represented as marginal, almost deviant behavior.

That is probably the way we--Paul and I, that is--would order if we were there. Or even more likely: two small plates, a share, and one dessert. I don't consider us deviants, just small eaters in general.


And the only reason it's represented this way is that it's the only way to support the claim that The Elm is as expensive as Juni (or The Modern), when it obviously isn't.

Nothing is what it seems; skim milk masquerades as cream.


Seriously, "expensive" is another of those damn subjective terms, like "good" and "disgusting."

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Just to muck things up, the last time I was there, the waiters at The Elm were telling confused first-time visitors that the standard order is either three "single" plates per person or two "single" plates and half a share. Of course, they have their own incentives.

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I am very happy for you that you can eat at The Elm for $60. It's unfortunate that $60 is not representative of the cost of a typical meal there for almost anybody else.

It's not about who is eating there. It's about the prices which are printed on the menu. The minimum you can possibly spend at Juni on a three course meal is $75. It's easy to eat courses at The Elm for $60.


Whether you can do it or not is really beside the point.


Wilf, anyone can read The Elm menu and see they can have 3 small courses for $60. Or have a small plate and share and a dessert and spend $60. I think the more useful information is that the average food bill will be higher than that, especially considering that the waitstaff suggests 2 small plates and a share plus dessert.


So if someone were to ask what they can expect to pay for a dinner at The Elm, I don't think $60 would be the correct answer even if it was possible to have a dinner and pay $60.

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It would be useful information if there was any reason to think it true. As Sneak confirmed, you can have a three course meal there for $60 and not need to grab pizza on the way home. I did. Other people do. You should visit the place.


If someone asked whether they could have a three course dinner at The Elm for $60--or, in fact, less--any answer other than yes would just be false. Gnudi, the chicken or pork belly to share, and dessert, is a full meal by any standards, except for a Mouthfuls thread.

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