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Kale, the new superfood

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Decided not to take a trip to Corona and visit Park Side, ended up having dinner at Tanoreen in Bay Ridge. Now Tanoreen is an interesting place of Mediterranean descent, which uses 117 pounds of parsl

Perfect set up for a Groucho Marx retort...

Rich - stop reading right now....     National Public Radio had a program tonight about the rise of interest in kale. The green leafy vegetable has moved from garnish to center of the plate in the

With apologies to our many kale-haters, I adored my burger. Husband ordered his super burger on a bun with all the usual trimmings. I went with a pile of kale sauteed in olive oil with several cloves of garlic, a fat patty and drizzle of Kewpie. Two happy campers.



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I mean, this is what I'm talking about.


I mean, I get that kale is overrepresented on restaurant menus.


But IRL, it's just another delicious leafy green that can be part of your balanced winter diet, assuming that you care about such things -- as you really really should.


What, am I NOT gonna buy it, cook it, and eat it cuz foodies have decided it's uncool?

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Speaks more about Mimi's limitations than kale's.


Isn't that a bit harsh? She's not allowed to have personal opinions?


I would have thought that she might agree with me that there are no bad foods, only bad cooks.

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