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Kale, the new superfood

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Decided not to take a trip to Corona and visit Park Side, ended up having dinner at Tanoreen in Bay Ridge. Now Tanoreen is an interesting place of Mediterranean descent, which uses 117 pounds of parsl

Perfect set up for a Groucho Marx retort...

Rich - stop reading right now....     National Public Radio had a program tonight about the rise of interest in kale. The green leafy vegetable has moved from garnish to center of the plate in the

Rich, I think, would get upset by Carbone because he'd see at as a falsification/exploitation of his background.


I think that's a bit unfair, because it's Richie's and Mario's background, too. But I don't think that Rich would think that makes a difference.

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I think that Rich (and I, for that matter) would like the food at Carbone. It really does sound like they know how to make this stuff and are taking care to do it "right". I think your assessment of whether Rich could allow himself to enjoy the food given the context (trendiness, history, etc) may well be correct; however, I'd be more likely to think that we'd both be fine there for a meal and then wonder why we'd ever go back, given that same context. Of course, I liked Il Mulino in much the same way and Rich thinks that it was always fake/phony. But we both like Parkside more than any of the other places still around.


eta: not that the above will ever happen. I have no plans to set foot there at those prices.

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Members here are keenly attuned to the zeitgeist and noticed the Kale Renaissance during it's early stages. I was therefore unsurprised when I encountered this at Smorgasburg -




Nothing says good food like the word "factory" in the title.


Kale chips. $10.





Kale chips are paleo friendly.



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I make 'raw' kale chips not because I have ideas about enzymes but because I have a dehydrator and it's less trouble than doing them in the oven: I don't have to shuffle them around, and they never get overdone. They always turn out really well and are successful at work and family events.

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