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yvonne johnson

Morston Hall, Norfolk

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Norfolk has only two Michelin starred restaurants. The Neptune in Old Hunstanton is one (yet to try), and Morston Hall is the other. Stayed at Morston Hall last week and I liked it a lot, but not in the ways I expected. The website makes the place and gardens unattractive, in my view, but on getting there it felt inviting. Particularly attractive is a small herb garden with little hedges and wrens flying about.


Galton Blackiston knows how to cook and has been doing so for at least 21 years at the same place. It's a 7.30 for 8 PM arrangement with all guests sitting down (after drinks and amuses -- all of which I found not more-ish--in the conservatory) in the dining rooms at well-spaced tables.


I won't go through each course one by one--around 7 with wine flight. Beetroot (that pleased G!) with other vegetables; plaice; pork; beef (sous vide?); cheeses ; cherries (very good). Most of the dishes just lacked umph. There was little accompaniment to the meat dishes and they just didn't sing. Sometimes, less isn't more?


But, you know, I'll give it another try. Got one of Blackiston's cookery books and the dishes look fab.



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