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This vaguely ties into the discussion in the "Is Fine Dining Holding Its Own?" thread on the NY board of the food media's role in educating diners.   Last Saturday, I went to a series of symposia p

While I agree with the above, that wasn't the point of the symposium as I understand it. They weren't speaking of current and/or specific food writers, they were discussing the relationship between fo

I'm absolutely NOT talking about telling someone how something should taste.   I'm talking about telling them about the background of the food and what it involves. Where it stands in culinary hist

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16 hours ago, Wilfrid said:

The secondary problem with the title is that it should be Chefs and Drugs and Rock and Roll.


Certainly looks like his rhythm stick.  

Book has been on my nightstand since it came out…and I’m still only half-way through it (but that’s me, not the book necessarily).

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i’m listening to adam roberts’ podcast lunch therapy and he’s interviewing soleil ho. she says “you can tell when you read a (restaurant) review by someone who isn’t curious about the food and i don’t need to name any names.”

can you think of anyone who fits that category? because i can’t.

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