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So...where'd you eat this week?

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21 hours ago, E.L.A. said:

Incredible dinner at Cafe Panache last Saturday night! Exceeded my expectations -- and my expectations for that place are super-high, LOL. Every dish was excellent, and the layers of flavors and tastes were also excellent!

We celebrated Mrs. P’s birthday at Cafe Panache last Saturday night as well. I’m sorry we missed you. We were there at 5. What did you have? We enjoyed the crabcake special, the always excellent filet mignon ravioli, veal osso buco, and panko crusted halibut with wasabi sauce. They are still going strong after the unfortunate passing of Chef/owner Kohler.







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Belated Happy Birthday to Mrs. P!!! So glad you enjoyed a great evening!

I was there at 730pm, corner table, back room (to the left). Yes, the place is still doing exceptionally well and putting out top quality and top tasting food after Kevin's tragic death. The kids brought in one of his original protégée's who was there for a while, and then he left. They then brought in another original protégé who is still there. The main guy, sous chef has been there throughout, for the last 20 years or so. They are using Kevin's personal recipe book which has thousands of recipes. It's the first time I've been there since Kevin died, and since the pandemic -- but it's the same! Details on what we had to follow (I have to jump on a web meeting, LOL).

Cafe Panache has been on the top of their game, and on the short list of one of the best restaurants in Northern NJ for about 25 years! Not many restaurants can say that. 

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