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What Is A Dive Bar?

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To you it was like a welcoming neon sign beckoning you inside. To me it was a reason to be cautious.

See? Different levels of nervousness.


I like a good joke as much as anyone but "barely repressed violence" doesn't play a big part in my life.


No, the Lex we all know goes for the full-out expression.

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sorry for being pedantic...but dive bars don't serve old fashioneds....you mean "normal" bar-style. dive bars serve beers and shots of jager or crown or what-not. normal bars serve crappy cocktails

I do think there are a number of "dive bars" in Manhattan that were opened for the express purposes of looking like dive bars, but to serve a non-divey clientele.   That's probably why sometimes yo

The only food they have is $1 popcorn, plus whatever you bring in with you.

In all seriousness - I've not caught a big "repressed violence" thing at any of these places.


sleezy, sad, alcoholics yes.


There was a guy showing off his scars at Port 41, and he didn't get them rollerblading.


ETA: Yeah, Farrell's, the one time I was there a fight had broken out by 6pm. And then there was ducking the chair at Station Cafe. There were quite a few incidents in Manitoba's, back in the day.


A charmed life, AB.

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There is at least one (possible two, but one might have closed) dive bar on Broadway between 96th and Columbia. These places pre-date gentrification. They're narrow and dark. You wouldn't necessarily realize they're there. The crowd is mostly male, mostly Vietnam vets and older. Sum total of teeth among the customers is about 12. These are the type of places where Columbia undergrads make the mistake of going into once, because they are not welcome.

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Henrietta Hudson is probably the closest in spirit to an old-fashioned lesbian dive bar, from the days when they were Mafia-run. I haven't been there in years, since I nearly got inadvertently involved in a brawl happening next to us.


I remember when I first moved to New York, being way too afraid to visit the Duchess II on Sheridan Square, a real relic.

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Funny to think of the Reepeebahn in Hamburg in this context. It's like the opposite of H&H: it tries to market itself as Disney dangerous but actually it really can be dangerous -- a confluence of Albanian mafia, legal but still kind of sketchy looking prostitution, maybe a couple of right wing too- closely-shaven for comfort types and a bunch of McKinsey consultants on bachelor party night out...plus alcohol. I think the only thing that keeps it ok is the giant police station right in the middle.

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