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Charlie Trotter

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"I love what I do," he said at the street-sign unveiling. "I pinch myself every day that I get to do this for a living, but on the other hand, one must change their way."


It's a shame he didn't get to travel the world with his wife, as he planned.

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It's not shocking, really.


Clearly, something was up.

Yes, his blood pressure, and his recent inclinations to strokes and siezures. Autopsy was inconclusive. More tests to follow.






The Sun-Times adds a little more detail to the situation. Several observers noted examples of bizarre interactions in recent months, and a perception by some people of depression after his shop was closed.


Following the stroke earlier this year, his doctors directed him not to fly. However, he chose to accept an invitation last weekend to speak at an industry event in Aspen, and flew there. Gave his speech, and flew home Sunday.


Died the next day.



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I think if you don't understand how Charlie Trotter influenced fine dining in this country, including New York, you are missing a really important perspective on the evolution of cuisine in America.

Very well said.


Good stuff by Gary Fine on Trotter: http://chicago.grubstreet.com/2012/01/gaf.html


I'd be interested on reading what either (or any) of you have to add about his influence on American dining.

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