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Charlie Trotter

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I think if you don't understand how Charlie Trotter influenced fine dining in this country, including New York, you are missing a really important perspective on the evolution of cuisine in America.

Very well said.


Good stuff by Gary Fine on Trotter: http://chicago.grubstreet.com/2012/01/gaf.html


I'd be interested on reading what either (or any) of you have to add about his influence on American dining.



Well, not that I had many big meals under my belt at the time but firsts for me


- Multiple Ethnic flavor profiles within the same Tasting Menu (Asian, Basque, etc)

- Chef's Kitchen Table

- Build you a meal around your selected wines.

- A takeaway with some goodies

- Multiple Amuses

- Naming the farms/sources as part of the menu description.

- Going with a regular got you really, i mean REALLY VIP service.


Maybe the most formal, scripted interaction with any staff of any meal. As if any request had been put into the training manual and rehearsed - not in a cold way though.


Odd how my first visit to Bouley reminded me of CT right down to the tiny proteins and hammering you with dessert.

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The autopsy says Trotter died of a stroke, related to high blood pressure.



"Neither drugs nor alcohol contributed to his death," Stephen Cina, the county examiner, said in a statement. "Additionally, there is no scientific evidence to indicate that recent travel contributed to his death, though there was evidence of a prior stroke."

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