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M. Wells Steakhouse

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It opened tonight. The first Chowhound review is divine.  

They can attach the bone using meat glue. From that angle, it looks like there's some other sort of flap of meat around the bone, holding bone to burger. Yeah, at this point it is most definitely not

Yeah, but no one's going to do the legwork when the "jokes" write themselves. Even still, they could have been serving their soup in a tureen with a puff pastry top and they'd be mocked for it.

Just to keep beating the same dead horse, I get the tough position a restaurant like M. Wells is in.  And I understand that it's nice to "support" businesses you like.

But to me, they're now functioning as a good neighborhood place.  There's no way I'm traveling to LIC for what they're now serving.  (Especially since, when there is some particularly appealing item on their limited menu, they tend to run out of it early.)

I should make it clear that I'm sort of friendly with Hugue and Sarah.  But time and money are time and money.

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That's what I was thinking. I'd be happy to try duck in a pumpkin if it was under my nose, but not sure I want to to to LIC for it. Now let me admit, Le Crocodile is further away from me, but there are bars and a bookstore before dinner. I remember nothing in LIC, but maybe I'm out of date.

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15 hours ago, Steve R. said:

Their website is glitchy.  If you google them and hit "website" or "menu", you get the blackboard one I saw.  If you hit "dinner", you get the large, enticing one Wilf saw.  Seems like they need a website manager as well as a chef.

it's not their website that is glitchy, it's the way google crawls the site and caches links.

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