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Is there a Peruvian restaurant in Seattle?

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Because I like themed outings, and because I like to add eating/drinking to everying outing I do, I thought I'm make an event around going to see the Peru exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum by having P

How about Monday, August 18th?

The San Fernando up north and I believe the one on Rainier are both still open, and are Peruvian. The one in White Center closed. There's been a coming soon sign on Aurora for one called Mixturas for

just let me know and i'll try to make it. have family obligations in port townsend and duvall, so i don't know how much time i'll be spending in seattle proper, but i'm in the area from the 14th to the 21st.


ps anything interesting to eat near port townsend?

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8th should be good for me!


Editing to add: But even better if someone could pick me up/drop me off on the way (from my office, conveniently located very much on the way to burien from almost anywhere in Seattle) since we're a one car troop at the moment, and Brett's probably going to have it in BC right then...

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I goofed. I forgot that I'd made plans to go to the Puyallup Fair on the 8th.


I don't have any work days available until October so I'm going to drop out of this lunch so I don't hold you all back. Take pictures and report back though!

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I'm pretty sure "you all" in this case is just myself and Naomi, so waiting until October [6th?) in order to maybe achieve a quorum is no bad thing :)

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