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The Neptune (One Michelin star), Old Hunstanton, Norfolk

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Stayed here last weekend, and was delighted all round. Owners Kevin and Jacki Mangeolles do a marvellous job being hosts and deal with the organization of the small restaurant (seats around 25?), rooms, and hospitality with aplomb. The meal was truly satisfying: hard to describe, but it was measured with precision in terms of flavors (not confusing or fussy, yet you didn't get tired of eating more). Unlike some tasting menus where you get tired out and the meal goes downhill after a few courses, this managed to fire on all cylinders with the venison dish. Highly recommended. Lovely part of the country too.

Iced Ginger & Lemon Grass Tea (This was a lovely opening--served in tiny pot with tiny cups)

Beetroot Biscuit Spiced Crab (Crab was out of this world. Glyn even liked --what's the world coming to?--the beetroot biscuit)

Baked Aura Potato, Cream Cheese & Caviar (G. found this a little filling tho it was only around a 1/4 of a baked potato

Leek custard, potato chips (If we had to quibble this was the least successful dish--the custard seemed a bit too thick)

Loin of Holkham Venison, Fresh Chestnut, Celeriac Purée (as I said above, just fab)

Delice De Crémières, Beetroot Meringue (By this time G had had enough of beets, but I ate it all), Walnut Croutons (Wow, what great cheese. Must track this down.)

Pre-dessert (Lovely coffee trifle type of thing)

Chocolate Sphere, Walnut Ice Cream, Warm Chocolate Sauce (Sauce was poured over and the spaceship sphere fell in on itself--cute)


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