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Urban Table in Basking Ridge

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Urban Table is a pleasant restaurant in Basking Ridge, located at the Martinsville Road (Exit 33) intersection with I-78. It's adjacent to the Harvest Group's Three West, and across the street from the Somerset Hills Hotel. Urban Table is a Harvest Group property, in space which used to be Ciao!


Nice bistro like layout, with lots of wood and white tiles. Partly open kitchen, French posters on the wall, warm bar area to the left as you enter. Very similar to Plucky Tavern in Pluckemin. Mix of round tables, two and four tops, some low booths, wood dividers, etc. It's clear lots of thought went into the layout.


Less formal place than Three West. Burgers, salads, pasta, steaks, fish, kids food, etc. Lots of Trap Rock brewery products. I had a red ale, which was fine. Nice flavors and aroma. Pulled pork sandwich was OK. Meat was tender, nicely pulled, sauce was much sweeter than I liked. Fries were way over done. A word to the server produced a fresh, hot properly done replacement. I'm surprised that didn't get caught at the pass / final plating.


Comments from others at the table reflected mine. Everything was reasonably well done. Nothing was exceptional, nothing was terrible. They push drinks, and were moving the red wine sangria, which was a tart red fruit drink. I didn't try it, but the people who had them, liked them.


Not a cheap place. Most entrees were in the $12-25 range, with a few higher. Apps were in the $10-$20 range. I think the bill worked out to about $35 a head with split dessert, before tip. They were doing a land office business, though. 3/4 full at 7pm, a line outside at 9pm.


Good, attentive service. A captain for ten tables, and three others working the section. They turned a table in about two minutes, including checking underneath.


In many respects, they had a typical Harvest presentation. Well trained staff, limited number of recited specials, good food, lots of alcohol, priced at the upper edge of the range in a very pleasant, welcoming atmosphere.

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I've eaten at UT in Basking Ridge and also at the one in Morristown. I like BR a bit better. Bar is gorgeous. Both places have the noise level a bit too loud for me, requires a little more energy to have a conversation at your table.


If I'm going to dine at this location in Basking Ridge, however, I'll just go to 3 West. Slightly pricier, but a bit more sophisticated and a lot quieter as well. More noise-absorbent building materials, I suppose. I think they want a higher noise level at UT, it's part of their identity of that name.


But as is typical of Harvest group, a well run operation.

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