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Suburban version of FreshDirect

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Ronetco markets, an operator of several ShopRites, has launched its internet ordering system. In their version, the customer orders groceries online, and then picks up the order. Early reviews seem quite positive.


Kings Markets, a competitor, offers an at home delivery feature for its internet shopping. Free delivery on orders over $100, I believe.


Ronetco has hitched onto two sometimes divergent trends: suburban people are always in their cars, and many parents don't like the hassle of getting their kids out of the car and into the market for shopping. Bringing a pre-selected order to the car may have a much higher profit margin.


Chevron gasoline noticed the same reluctance in tests markets years ago, when they observed that mothers with kids in the car would willingly pay up to 5 cents per gallon more for pay at the pump convenience. They didn't want to leave their kids alone in the car while they lined up to pay at a counter stocked with high profit margin impulse items.


Byram ShopRite

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I've used the service from the Flemington Shop Rite, when I moved to this area in July and was pressed for time between waiting for plumbers, electricians , etc. It was very convenient, they load it right into your car, and I think it was only$5, but I recall that was an introductory rate. It would never be my preferred method..I'm a tactile person...but it certainly works as an option during exceedinlgy hectic times, or for those with mobility problems...whether they are health related, or because there are a bunch of rugrats clinging to your legs! :rolleyes:

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