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Peyton will be back.   Apparently, 2 NFC Championship games and a Superbowl (loss) in three years is not enough to secure your job. Harbaugh is in a "must win" situation in Frisco.   Jerry blames

You mean there's going to be a lot of howling now?

Those damn Cowboys! http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/the-distribution-of-fandom-in-pro-leagues/

Assuming he behaves like a good team guy I see Vick as an asset. It will keep Smith sharp. If Vick had to start 2 or 3 games in a row I think he'd do well but you know if he became a full time player he'd get hurt. No, at this point in his career he's a quality backup.


One of the nice things that I haven't seen discussed (maybe I missed it) is that Vick and Smith are similar players. Mobile. Good arms. Can buy time in the pocket while looking down field. When he was young Vick was a runner but now he's primarily a buy-time-scrambler. You can run the same plays with both of them.

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Uh oh.

More cancer surgery for Jim Kelly
Updated: March 25, 2014, 11:42 AM ET

ESPN.com news services


BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is expected to undergo surgery Thursday following the return of oral cancer. His wife, Jill, says the cancer is aggressive and starting to spread.


The 54-year-old former Buffalo Bills star is being treated in New York City. His wife posted Tuesday on her Instagram account that Kelly's surgery is "tentatively scheduled for Thursday."


Kelly's Buffalo doctors said March 14 the return of the cancer was discovered when he came for follow-up tests after surgery to remove cancerous cells last year.


Dan Kelly told The Associated Press that his brother is humbled by an outpouring of prayers posted on social media. Jill Kelly has been providing updates on Twitter and her blog, where she recently posted that her husband's cancer is "aggressive" and "starting to spread."

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Ron Jaworski LA gang expert.


What a fucking joke.


I love Jaworski but you're right. But I do wonder what evidence the Eagles had.


Wouldn't it be perfect if the Patriots picked him up?

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I think bonner is right, he was a jerk, and they felt he was overpaid and moved on. but he's 27. he was the highest paid (by cap hit) player on that team for a reason. but if that's the real reason, that's a shocking amount of chutzpah on kelly's part, even if maclin recovers fully defenses will play the eagles other receivers differently without jackson.


what I'd like to hear a talking head pontificate about is whether this is a reflection of the value of veterans under the new labor deal, but I guess they'd rather spew racist shit about gangs.

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Ugh Donte Stallworth wins the internet forever


You think the Eagles would cut him w/o solid evidence


You think we'd go to war in Iraq w/o solid evidence. Oh....


I love that the only thing he's ever gotten in trouble for is too dark tints and weed.

He's right, though, of course. (disclosure: I've met Donte on multiple occasions and know his cousin)


If having "ties" with "gang members" was grounds for release.. well.. there'd be a lot of releases.

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