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Eater Announces Their Restaurant Critics

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2 hours ago, small h said:

Somewhat off topic, but did Eater get rid of their comments sections? Maybe this happened a million years ago, and I'm just noticing now.

Yes.  I noticed it a few months ago.

Edited to add:  I see Sneakeater beat me to it and that he agrees with me about when it happened.

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While you all have been debating this for pages and pages, I shorted all the burger restaurants in NYC.

i do like helen rosner's suggestion that associating with neo-nazi types and promulgating extreme racist ideologies in your youth is a sin on par with shoplifting. personally, i don't think this saga

Capital New York has an overview of forthcoming changes to the Eater site:     I can't help but chuckle at the words "relic" and "turn of the century". It wasn't that long ago. You'd think they're

25 minutes ago, Sneakeater said:

A few months ago.

I guess it's no great loss, but at least it had improved since the early days, when you didn't have to register and it was often homophobia junction.

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