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Eater Announces Their Restaurant Critics

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That reminds me, I should wash my workout clothes.

You must be pumped for Idi Amin's "How to cook everything"

While you all have been debating this for pages and pages, I shorted all the burger restaurants in NYC.

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When Vox acquired New York magazine [and Grub Street], one could assume there would be some consolidation. I suppose from that time, the clock was ticking for either Platt or Sutton [even if I don't feel they quite overlap]. But they're both gone? Wtf.

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Platt voluntarily gave up the weekly review column; I think he still works at New York.

Sietsema is indeed still churning the stuff out, described as Senior Dining Critic or Senior Critic depending where you look. I don't know if that's a new title.

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After scurrying through the building’s entrance and into the restaurant’s elevator, a fiasco of red wine and stack glasses await your party.

Unless Ci Siamo plops a fiasco on your table with some glasses as soon as you sit down -- which I can tell you from experience they don't --  I don't think this Eater writer knows what "a fiasco of red wine" is.

(I've been to Ci Siamo several times, and I've never seen a fiasco there.)

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