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Eater Announces Their Restaurant Critics

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I see Nat is actually not a writer. Always risky to invite contribs from non-writers. But I am impressed by the double-fisted drinking; not just the stack glasses but "tucking into a booth with Negronis in hand..."

The pork schnitzel I made at home last night cost less than $43 and was very good.

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That reminds me, I should wash my workout clothes.

You must be pumped for Idi Amin's "How to cook everything"

While you all have been debating this for pages and pages, I shorted all the burger restaurants in NYC.

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35 minutes ago, Sneakeater said:



Unless Ci Siamo plops a fiasco on your table with some glasses as soon as you sit down -- which I can tell you from experience they don't --  I don't think this Eater writer knows what "a fiasco of red wine" is.

(I've been to Ci Siamo several times, and I've never seen a fiasco there.)

Realizing I've never darkened the door of Ci Siamo, I went to google for images and what do I see...

Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 3.49.11 PM.png

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1 hour ago, Sneakeater said:

Holy shit!  A fiasco!

l may have to retract. 

Since I’ve never heard of “fiasco” used that way, it got me curious, so I just Googled. Yes, indeed, a fiasco is an Italian style of bottle, round body and either partially or completely covered with a close-fitting straw basket. 

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11 hours ago, Wilfrid said:

Sietsema is indeed still churning the stuff out, described as Senior Dining Critic or Senior Critic depending where you look. I don't know if that's a new title.

I will never forget SIetsema's review of the needle in a haystack Portuguese deli which was really just a generic Boar's Head shop


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To pile on, the picture of the baked clams is captioned "Monte's stuffies."

Which they're not. "Stuffies" use much larger clams than the littlenecks he mentions in the review. And the clams are chopped up with a bunch of other stuff (usually including sausage), which is placed back into a half shell and the whole megillah is then baked.

Probably not Sietsema's fault, but annoying anyway.

In other news, I was a block or two away yesterday, trying a place Sietsema liked: All'Antico Vinaio - Greenwich Village.  

I think once was enough. The sandwich ($20!!)  however, was enough for two, so I hope the gentleman I gave the second half to enjoyed it more than I did.

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