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French restaurants in New Jersey

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The Morristown Record has an article about French and French influenced cooking in New Jersey. Not an all inclusive list, of course, but not bad. (I'm guessing this article originally ran in the Courier-News or Asbury Park Press, given the restaurants mentioned.)



Sophie's Bistro in Somerset


Grand Cafe in Morristown


Avenues in Long Branch


Antoinette Boulangerie in Red Bank


Verve in Somerville



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Certainly not bad...and yes, that "Central NJ" flair or orientation...although Grand Cafe made it onto the list...which is another place that I've heard many very good comments, reports, etc., about.


I think the Grand Cafe has been around a long time -- and even so, they were still considered by many to be an "under the radar" or "hidden gem" kind of place. It's another place I'd like to get to soon -- but I think there's a few more ahead of it on my go to list.


Thanks for posting.

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I dined at Fricassée last year, not too long after it reopened [i never visited its previous incarnation as Epernay]. It was fairly straightforward fare, nothing super-memorable. In fact, I can't remember what I ate [boeuf bourguignon?], though I do remember the maître d' was perhaps oversolicitous in his attentions to the female diners in our party. I wonder if that's why we haven't been back.


The New York Times review seemed fair, though I'm not sure why the reviewer didn't rate it 'Very Good' based on his comments.


I dunno where the boundary lies between French [in 21st century America] and 'New American', but let me throw in my tuppence for Nicholas [Red Bank] and Lorena's [Maplewood], both much better meals than I was expecting.

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I really enjoy The Grand Cafe, and don't dine there nearly enough. The food, service, atmosphere and presentation are all great. The owner previously worked at Rod's under the original Rod Keller and still maintains a good relationship with the family. Now I'm thinking it might be a good choice for Firday night (Lent) dinner. I was leaning towards a very early dinner at the Sushi Lounge.

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Verjus doesn't get a lot of notice on the foodie boards, but it's offered elegant classic French cooking cooking on my visits. I haven't been there in several years, although it's only a few minutes farther than Lorena's for me.


One difference may be their liquor license, which I see as a negative when I can pack my own stuff.

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