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i've been using chromecast for a couple of days. Works well for the most part, except Canadians can't use it with US Netflix. I've done a lot of research, and it takes either a router that works with Tomato, or a router with which you can change particular settings (I can't with mine). I can't even use it with Hola, Media Hint, or Unblock US.


I can still use Chromecast with Canadian Netflix, but all the good stuff is on the US side.


Any other Canada-based MFF member (all 4 or 5 of you) use Chromecast?

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We've been looking at it since we got rid of cable when we moved. What's stopping us is exactly what you said, not having access to US content. We just stick with using my laptop for online content and our WD box connected to my desktop for movies. If Netflix in Canada was better or we had access to Hulu, I think we would get one.

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If you have a DDWRT router (no idea what that means), you can change settings to be able to use Chromecast with US Netflix. another option has to do with the Firewall scripts of your router, but I can't change those on my router, either.

Pretty easy fixes if you have the right router, it seems, but I don't and I don't want to buy a new one.


When I got a new laptop last year, I stupidly did not get one with an HDMI port. I'll have to remedy that next time. I still like Chromecast for watching some of the Canada Netflix stuff (I mostly watch documentaries, anyway). it's nice to be able to cast something to the TV, and then turn off my phone or computer and just watch (if you want to pause, stop, or rewind, you have to leave your phone or computer on, though.


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Not exactly. Has something to do with Chromecast using a hard-coded DNS (or something like that), and you have to reroute the IP. I tried the one method I could use without DD-WRT, and it didn't work. Then I tried the Unblock US method--didn't work because I can't change my IP tables.


Netflix Canada has the entire BtVS series. I'm watching it all (and then will intersperse with Angel episodes when appropriate), so I'm OK with not being able to get Netflix. I'm hoping another fix comes along, or maybe I'll upgrade my router so I can do all that extra stuff.

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To Chromecast users who also have an iPhone ...

Can I truly NOT cast Apple Music, which I happily pay $10 for monthly, via Chromecast to my TV's speakers !


Seems as though, in late 2019, they are FINALLY kinda sorta getting around to helping Android users with this


If this is the case, Chambo is going to be very PISSED !


Haven't these duopolists / triopolists learned anything from Microsoft's prior monopolistic travails* ! 


Are they really happy to piss off MANY of their joint customers, and much more importantly, ME like this ... bastards !


If this is truly the case then ...


To YouTubers or Google Music-teers Play-ers out there ... (not sure if Goog Music is supported but the box says Goog Play is) ...


If I'm not willing to pay anything to use these services for a month, can I stream lots of radio (NPR, BBC etc) and have access to good playlists, maybe YOURS, and search for all of Sneak's music and find and play it ?


* and the answer is ... Of Course they have ! They've learned very, very well ... you simply pay a few billions and you're done. There's nothing immoral or unethical about this. It's business. There's rules and there's fines for breaking them and you decide what makes sense for you. Who here has never gotten a parking ticket or a speeding ticket ? Same thing, you broke a law, maybe / probably on purpose, knowing that you were doing so (or maybe not because you didn't know the speed limit), hoping you would not be caught, but if caught and your contesting was to no avail then you were perfectly prepared to pay the fine. Were you unethical by returning to your car 30 minutes after the meter ran out, I ask ? And I'll add that who / what is a monopolist and when / if they are abusing their monopoly power is EXTREMELY unclear and blurry ... and political ... and is only decided in the end through a long, winding legal process ... and by the time that process is over, the technology ball game has completely changed


Can't you cast anything that's in your browser? I thought you can even mirror your whole screen.

We are now 5 years later from Chromecast version 2014 of course, but from about 30 minutes of playing around on a Win 10 laptop running Chrome and casting to a TV, yes you can cast what's displayed in your browser, however it seems that Chromecast recognizes certain websites* and stops casting the browser's current tab's content** to the TV and has website specific casting going on. For example, when the browser displays Netflix's website, the casting of the tab's content to the TV stops (with the TV now showing a Netflix logo and "Ready to Cast") and casting to the TV only restarts when you click to PLAY something on Netflix or you leave the Netflix site. If you choose to PLAY something, then Chrome casts that video to the TV and the mirroring of the browser tab on the TV stops. Hence, you can now continue to use your PC while your show plays ... hence all the Netflix pre-rolls that auto-run when you put your cursor over a video happen only on the PC even as something may now be PLAYing on the TV ... hence you can continue to browse the Netflix site (or any site, for that matter) to read up on stuff / figure out what you may want to watch next ... and if / when you opt to PLAY something new then that video begins casting to the TV. 
TL;DR It pretty much works the way you would want it to ... although a bit weird at first (ie for a few minutes) as you figure out what's actually going on on the PC and the TV and how to control both devices


* ie their own (ie Google's, of course, such as YouTube etc) and certain others, presumably due to agreements that they have put in place with these companies, including Netflix
** yes, it seems to be just the current tab's content (and NOT the entire screen) which makes sense in many cases but surely not all. whether there are settings to change this, I'm not sure and don't care for the time being because my interest is to cast Netflix and music from the PC (and from my iPhone)

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... casting the browser's current tab's content** to the TV


** yes, it seems to be just the current tab's content (and NOT the entire screen) which makes sense in many cases but surely not all. whether there are settings to change this, I'm not sure and don't care for the time being because my interest is to cast Netflix and music from the PC (and from my iPhone)


Breaking News ... when you Cast from Chrome on the PC, the window that comes up has a Source drop-down box that lets you choose between Cast tab, Cast desktop or Cast file, and yes indeed, Cast tab is the default. Google, they're pretty good !

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