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I just read on facebook that he passed away unexpectedly yesterday. Very sad.

I did not know Steve personally. I know he was a founder of the egullet site and was very involved not only in that site, but of the web/food world as a whole.   I was a member and posted at egullet

"Fish pants" is a phrase I'll always remember whenever I think of El Gordo, originally referred to by Jinmyo.

fat-guy.com was where I first became aware of this whole silly world. My condolences...


Mine too. I dabbled in Chowhound, but eGullet was where I really got involved, meeting so many current and former MF folk. Really something.

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I wish they would let those of us who were there early on post our own tributes. Because even if we were thrown off, we still have good things to say. Well, many of us, as witness what's been said here. Then again, from what I've seen on Facebook, some former eG members cannot control their baser impulses. Maybe that's what the current regime expects of all who were dismissed?

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