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You can get Chinese sand pots in just about any Chinatown. Is that what you mean? Also: Despana may have Spanish ones, and the North African place in Chelsea Market (almost at the Tenth Ave. end), they used to have tagines. (I forget if they're still there.)

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Despana has plenty of clay pots - but most of them are low height.

Yeah, Despana's clay are cazuelas - I don't think what the OP is looking for.


All along E. Broadway, Canal, Grand etc. - stop into any restaurant supply/kitchenware shop. The small clay pots are like $6.


One of the places I order in from basically gives you the clay pot if you order one of their rice dishes.

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they say to cook only gravy/liquid-based dishes for the first four or five times but that's as much seasoning as is required. and of course you heat them up slowly (they return the favour by holding the heat for much longer). i'm not going to be setting them down on cold or wet surfaces after taking them off the stove to find out though.


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My clay experience = French, Italian. Spanish. Latin American, most of which is much more rustic than these pieces.   But my rule is thump it on the side/rim.   It should kind of "ring'.   It if goes "thunk", it may/probably has a crack.   Even hairline cracks can cause a seemingly good pot to implode with dry heat.

This is from my totally unverified "notebook", aka, my closely held lore.

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