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Pickles in New York

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Another stupid article, as the author doesn't even bother to go the to the seminal pickle palace, on Essex Street in what was once the heart of pickledom, The Pickle Guys.


Frankly, I don't even know what goes into pickle brine and I don't care any more than I do how Michelangelo mixed pigments. All that matters is the effect it has on my senses, the small pleasurable explosions it causes in my brain.
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You've got (or had) Guss'. I've got The Pickle Guys.


...the owner of the Pickle Guys doesn’t have a sour bone in his body. Even his staff, most of whom joined him when their former employer, Guss’ Pickles, left Essex Street, act as if life were a pickle party. The daily grind produces remarkably fresh stock, from new to fully soured, with that perfect snap and spray in every bite. Kaufman ran the show at Guss’, but when the owners changed location, he got the feeling they’d lost interest in the business...
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