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yup, both Fri & Sat, actually, with MFF's very own chopjwu12 ;-)


When we were with Dave last night at Louro, we spoke about his upcoming trip to Austin and I recommended he figure out a way to get to Bufalina.

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In case anyone missed it, our own SD was named one of Eater's 16 Young Guns of 2014 last week.   Here's the profile.   Congratulations (and if someone already posted this somewhere else, oops!).

Congratulations, that's a nice write up.   Good luck on the next round.

When we were with Dave last night at Louro, we spoke about his upcoming trip to Austin and I recommended he figure out a way to get to Bufalina.

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I was in Austin for the WGC Match Play and had the distinct pleasure of dining at Bufalina Due. I'd wanted to try both Bufalina and Bufalina Due. But our location to the north side of town and the tournament schedule/commitments made Bufalina Due the only one we ended up being able to enjoy (and enjoy we most certainly did).


I know Steven irl, and had been in contact to say we would be coming in for dinner on Easter night. They do not take reservations. But he gave the hostess (who is his lovely sister) the heads up, in case they got busy. He was doing a photo shoot downtown and promised to make the effort to trek out to see us. Even though Easter is a big deal in Austin, they were quite busy. Since we are low maintenance-we opted to just sit at the bar, rather than take up a table. A perfect choice. Directly to my left was the gorgeous Stefano Ferraro wood-burning pizza oven and prep station for the pizzas :) . Just as we sat down, Steven came out to greet us and catch up a bit.


After talking about what we were planning to order, Steven suggested a bottle of Peay Syrah. A beautiful syrah with a long finish that went perfectly with our choices of a meat platter (Olli Proscuitto, Creminelli Mortadella, La Quercia Borsellino, house pickles and mostardo) And Calabrese pizza. A gift of House Burrata (sooo good) with fennel, beets, olive oil, fennel pollen. Both dishes came with beautiful housemade breads so good I wanted to finish off every bite. But, seeing those gorgeous pizzas just a few feet away I knew I had to pace myself ;) :o .


The pizza--oh the pizza! Neapolitan style. The Calabrese-tomato, mozzarella, basil, salami, serrano and garlic. Thin crust that was just as it should be. A light char and a tad wet in the middle. The oven popped it out in somewhere around 90 seconds. Perfect balance of all the ingredients. We polished off every bite.


I highly, highly recommend if you are in Austin stopping in. I am already looking forward to heading back to Austin this December when Alabama takes on Texas in basketball so I can try the original Bufalina.


Comps-Peay Syrah and Burrata.

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I would never have predicted that two really memorable things here would be a wildly herbaceous Mexican natural wine and ice cream drowned in liquor.


I wolfed the taleggio and sausage pizza too. The crust is right.


(Yeah, comps.)

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