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Pescanova liquidating pushes Turbot prices down.


Pescanova (the source of my Avatar) turned out to be a massive accounting fraud - turned out their Turbot farms didn't really work - or one of them didn't - and they had tons of hidden debt from trying to build out Salmon farming in Chile. In the last few months the restructuring finally happened and I guess they decided to liquidate fish to generate cash.

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Chambo only eats what he kills.




That's a nice looking piece of fish, Chambo.




Finally Chambo has figured out where it's at.


Chambo's a slow learner ... but he does learn.


That Virrey, by the way ...


That's a nice fish, Mr. Madrileno !

... 1.7kg, but priced at 1kg.


But I bet it was farmed !



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At the same time, this piece of hilarity from Plotz:




Like a fish out of water.





I also decided that I was obsessed with getting to the bottom of whether the sushi in Japan was better than the sushi in the U.S



to think that i was able to get to the bottom of this without going to tokyo.

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Sometimes I talk to clueless people who say things like, I am going to got to Tokyo and just eat so much sushi, and I say gently, well you know sushi is just one tiny sliver of Japanese food, and you should try some of the others.

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