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Hot Dog Heaven...

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Grand Opening today!!! It was great!!!


Today Callahan's opened it's new storefront location in Norwood. They opened at 11am, and closed at 7pm -- and according to the local news and newspapers, the line was down the small plaza and into the parking lot all day long!


I had decided to go mid-afternoon and hopefully avoid a long line -- and was I wrong!


Anyway -- the place is very nice, music playing, a lot of retro, antique-style, old time decorations, signs, etc. -- and the back end of a 57 Chevy sticking out of the wall. Very nice. They have a few of the original table-tops from Fort Lee, and of course the Tiffany-style Callahan's lamps. Now, on to the food -- different types of birch beer, soda, original size bottles, yoo-hoo...and fries...and the legendary Callahan's hotdogs....yes, the real deal, just as you remember them...excellent hotdogs!!! Always been my favorite.


The Callahan's hotdog truck will be back and on the road on May 30...and the store in Norwood is now open.

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BoozyBurbs has a mention of Roadfood's determination of the two "not to miss" hot dog places in Northern NJ.


Rutt's Hut and Jimmy Buff's. I'm sure the Hot Grill, Callahan's Fall View etc people are already sharpening the pitchforks.



Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield made the list as #1 (can the Sterns walk there?). Blackie's in Cheshire CT was in the top 5, too.




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