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Dumpling of the Month Club?

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Per a conversation offline, I'm proposing that we start a Dumpling of the Month club along the lines of our Burger of the Month outings. We may want to alternate the two depending on how busy we all

Wow, you guys were in my old 'hood. Of course back then, the best thing to eat at Crossroads was Shakey's Pizza. Sounds great, will have to try to get over there.

I'll check & let you know. we have a friend coming into town that weekend for a convention, so I'm not sure when we get to visit with him... [eta - and I may have to bow out for a little while a

Ack, I just realized I have an appointment on the 11th, so if the 6th still works, can we go with that?

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The 6th it is then :)

I will try to call and make a reservation for 7ish?

Just to confirm, we should have









anyone else, or any plus ones?

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Wow, that was Fantastic! Zhu Dang rocks! and it was wonderful to see everybody!


Sleepy_Dragon's menu was outstanding. My particular favorites were the Sheng Jian Bao dumplings (though I liked them better with the General Tso's sauce than the sauce they came with) the Chilled Cucumbers and the spicy Beef Brisket with house made noodles. I love love love the idea of General Tso's sweetbreads, but - and don't get me wrong, they were completely enjoyable - I think the sweetbreads got a little lost under the sauce. It broke my heart that we didn't have room left to try the braised pork shank, but literally a thin minty wafer would have been my undoing at that point!

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Absolutely agree. Drinks also were solid, I wish I had ordered that basil smash like Jan did. It paired with the spice level of the cucumbers perfectly. The Dan Dan and sesame noodles were also yummy, I thought.


Also, of note, I think the price point was surprisingly low given the amount we ate.

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