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Go on..    

A friend of mine was recently forced to taste wines in in FMRI experiment. It turns out it's different delivered by tube when you're lying on your back in a noisy machine.   They then had him blind

no, no, you have to first post about meals at urasawa and do your your trophy wine boasting when you describe what you took with you to the restaurant.

no no no. You post the meal about urasawa and say how "bangin' the sushi was" and then make it clear you were eating sushi with 50k worth of Sine Qua Non that would incinerate the palate


I had some old Prum recently. Is that a trophy? '82ers W-S Aus. Was great.


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This is just to keep the "Rest of Us" thread reasonably clean -- the thread police are awfully strict there. So if anyone wants to talk about, say, the Leroy they had with their grouse last night, this is the thread for it.

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Brought the duck breasts from NYC to Trinity Bay, along with the '54 Bosconia GR, which was totally ethereal.


Sampling the grocery stores here could make you cry. I bought the last onion in one today, though it was in good shape.

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