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Go on..    

A friend of mine was recently forced to taste wines in in FMRI experiment. It turns out it's different delivered by tube when you're lying on your back in a noisy machine.   They then had him blind

Is the LaTache collection part of the Doris Duke estate?



As Chambo sorta said, Chambo was invited to make an offer on the cellar of a seller in a private home in the province of Pontevedra.


I can assure you that the home was pretty fab with views to die for.


The husband collector died a few years prior. Wine was his passion. Wife just saw bottles gathering dust.

Holy shit! How much is that? The 2010 here goes for $3,700.


The only appropriate answer to that question is "However much someone is willing to pay for it".


As soon as expensive wine leaves the domaine, skepticism skyrockets and it's buyer beware.


Things like proof of provenance, proof of purchase history, proof of storage history, condition of label, is it a complete case, is it in the original case, etc. become very important factors.


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Rudy K., is that you?


Rudy is example A in why there is such skepticism, but as we well know, he shouldn't be causing too much trouble for a bit :




And it was Bill Koch who spent millions of his own money to investigate the hokus-pokus of these hucksters.


Koch has over 35k bottles and he is very generous with his wines and eager to share ... or so says my friend who was recently gloating about the wines he drank at this nice charity dinner.


Koch donated the wine.


Truly iconic bottles.


No puny pours here. You want more, you get more. You want even more, you get even more.


Note that the date of the dinner matches the date of the NY Times article ... hence there was a lot to talk about that evening if the subject turned to wine.



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How very generous of him! :unsure:


A cynical person might think: you are Koch and you have a cellar full of fake wines, and because you have made a big song and dance about Rudy K., every single person in the fine wine world knows this. So you can't sell them to anyone--especially not the pristine whole cases of Petrus 82 which is the most forged wine on the planet. But you can give them away, and if it is a charitable event you can get the tax break too (?).


Anyway I'm just jealous cos Y 67 is such a great wine.

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So is the '82 Petrus worth it? hmm

"Petrus '82 is generally recognised to be the best wine there is.

"But if you had it next door to a good Bordeaux costing £20 the differences are small. For £20 you can enjoy 99% of the quality range in wine.

That's a steep premium for a 1% improvement.

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That's so true. 82 Petrus has only 7% more quality in it than 05 Belair and that's just a scientific fact.

What I do is measure the quality of the wine (using my parkerometer), divide it by the price, and then buy the wine that maximizes that quality price ratio.

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That's so true. 82 Petrus has only 7% more quality in it than 05 Belair and that's just a scientific fact.

I know you're joking, but in all seriousness it actually is a fact that people can't even tell red wine from white in blind tests.

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I did one of those tests at one of Barry Smith's philosophy of wine seminars here in London.

We had some opaque glasses labeled A and B. So I tasted and A was obviously white and B was obviously red.

And the person next to me disagreed and said that A was obvs red and B white. Anyway we both stuck to our guns and the big reveal was that we were all right since we got them in different orders.


There is a different test which is when you take white wine and colour it red, and serve it in a clear glass, and then people seem to start using red wine flavour descriptors -- cherry, currants -- rather than apples and lemons etc.

And they don't say, oh this is a white wine that has been coloured red.

I haven't done that test (as far as I know).

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A cynical person might think ...


"The life of a cynic is a sad and dreary one" - Chambo.



If you think that the guy profiled here is going to knowingly pawn off his flawed wines at a charity event, you think differently than I.


If you further think that he would then take a tax deduction for the full value of those real bottles, which is a felony punishable by jail time, you are a chronic cynic.




Come on, Sir Balex, you are too good of a man to allow jealousy to turn you into a cynic. Snap out of it !

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