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indian food in the twin cities: a slow motion survey

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when you have a blog and when you start reviewing restaurants on that blog you eventually find yourself embarking on dubious ventures like surveying the state of indian restaurants in the twin cities.

House of Curry in Rosemount (Sri Lankan, I know, but I'm going to call it Indian) was recommended to me.

I thought I'd share:  

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Admittedly, I'm totally on the wrong thread with this but, considering that a)there's no indigenous readership on these obscure Midwestern area threads to bother anyway & b)the 4 of you participating might actually get a kick out of it, here goes. After a day at the US Open last month, Ginny, our friend Linda and I decided to go to the Jackson Diner in Queens to see if it's still bad. The last meal we had there, maybe only 2 years ago, was passable, many steps up from anything eaten there over the past decade or more. Anywho, the dosas were very tasty, with a good sourish fresh dough wrapping and an abundance of decent filling. Even the sambar and daal that came as condiments were fresh and well made. Unfortunately, we also ordered other food. The picture in the above post reminded me and I just knew you'd want me to share. Okay, back to the topic kimosabe.

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the series picks back up again with a review of a not-great but quite decent dinner at malabari kitchen in minneapolis. how often do you see an indian restaurant in the u.s with none of the curry house classics on the menu? that alone has to be worth a few points.



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