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San Francisco in 2014 and Beyond

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What are your favorites these days?   I've heard State Bird is good. But what else?   We'll be there for a full week, after a few nights in Sonoma.

A couple high profile BBQ openings recently. Star butcher Ryan Farr opened 4505 BBQ & Hamburgers. A visit shortly after opening was alright -- brisket was the best, didn't care for the ribs (not m


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His quote is funny. Did it ever actually move forward? How many months has it been with nothing.


Across the street Bon Marche (AQ guys) is the closest to opening (including another coffee spot...), Cadillac Grill seems next (I can't imagine what that place will be like with how far Mexican has come in the last 15 years), and Dirty Water which sounds completely horrible or good depending on which part of the press release you read.


I'm still not convinced those couple blocks can support all the openings happening or planned -- for now -- so maybe he's dodged a bullet.

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Maybe not for long.


joe, I thought of you when visiting Montesacro. They got lucky with the space -- the tiles are great, they found a huge old oven (too old to use unfortunately) in the back from when the space was a bakery, and I like what they've done with it. Fits what they're doing.


They have marinated veggies, meats, and cheeses first. The eggplant was my favorite along with the porchetta. I have no experience with pinsa but the crust was nice and crisp, a little char, good taste. I liked the margherita the best (what's new?) but the broccolini with sausage was good as well.


We'll be back as it's a quick walk over and everyone was friendly and fun. The space too. The location is dicey (hence the name) so I hope they get enough people taking cars to support it.

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We went to a dim sum palace today.


New Asia Restaurant

772 Pacific Avenue (Stockton Street)





This photo gives you an idea of how large the space inside was. The place was packed.










We need to go to Yank Sing eventually. New Asia compares very favorably to World Tong (for those of you who went there when it was open).

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I want variety and not the same old routine of fast food, salad bars and sandwiches.


And when I go out for lunch at 3:30 pm like it happened this afternoon, I don't want to walk into a deli and find that all their food is gone. I swear, the dining out options near my office building sucks. Stop ruining my fantasy of San Francisco! :P

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We went to an izakaya tonight.


Izakaya Rintaro

82 14th Street (Folsom Street)










Yosedofu -- house-made silken tofu, with scallion, magurobushi and grated ginger




Torikawa no kara-age -- fried chicken skin with spicy citrus salt


Extremely addictive, and greaseless.




Chicken thigh + onion (or scallion) yakitori, served with shichimi tōgarashi




Chicken liver yakitori, with shichimi tōgarashi




Kamo menchikatsu -- minced duck and onion katsu with panko, cabbage and hot mustard




Dashimaki tamago -- egg omelet with katsuobushi dashi and grated daikon radish




Natto-don -- fermented soybeans, Japanese rice, toasted nori, hot mustard



For $56 pp, including a 20% tip. We're definitely returning; this goes on our rotation.

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