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Lagasse on Restaurateurs in this Economy

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Lagasse on Restaurants' Difficult Conditions

I know we're not supposed to say it on this board, but Tom C. is an extremely impressive guy.

Emeril explained about real-life business problems that are applicable to many types of businesses these days.   It's hard to understand how this should make him a target of unsavory personal bashes

These aren't irrational fears in today's world. He's quite well known so some crazy might decide to kill him to impress Jodi Foster, or kidnap his kids.



Actually the irrational behavior seems to be on the part of kidnappers who don't practice abduction for ransom with nearly the frequency that you'd think they should given the incentives, lack of security, etc.

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at the risk of another thread divert, Steve Wynn's comment sounds like sour grapes. In NJ, at least, the heavy hand of the state allowed TOO MUCH competition by allowing too many casinos to open in Atlantic City. I believe they issued 13 licenses, which was crazy. Produced a huge number of construction jobs (good for Steve Sweeney's ironworkers and Vinnie Prieto's plumbers) and lots of casino or hotel jobs, but it was way too much for the market. In a bi-partisan spirit, Chris Christie tossed in state money to complete the Revel, recently sold in bankruptcy for a 90% discount from its 2012 construction price.


Wynn saw that nonsense as early as the 1980s and left town. He's back, looking for a piece of the internet gaming action.

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First Atlantic City. It wasn't the 13 local licenses that did them in, it was the competition from surrounding states. CT was the first to steal their customers and Pennsylvania and NY are the latest. So many people that used to hop on the buses to AC are now taking the bus to Aqueduct and Yonkers Raceway. They traded a 2 hour bus ride for a 10 minute ride. Tough to compete with that. Take me for example. I used to go to Atlantic City once or twice a year. I haven't been there once in the last 15 years.


And as for Steve Wynn and Emeril, please show me a business person that ever came out and said they thought they were taxed at a fair rate or that regulation was appropriate for the businesses they are in. Buffet has said his personal income tax should be higher. And he is an anomaly.

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I don't find Mario Batali's political musings any more illuminating -- even if I happen to agree with him.

There are some other chefs on Twitter who could use a filter blocker ... and I am not referring to Joe Dobias even though he comes to mind immediately.


People like Marc Vetri, for instance.

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well, i have some dirt on Marc Vetri.. I would be curious to hear what he rants about. I hope it is not about morality.


I had to unfollow him recently because he tweeted something that was political in nature, or maybe it was that he retweeted something that someone else tweeted, then someone who posts on eGullet who I didn't think would have been on Twitter replied.


The fastest way to get me to unfollow anyone is for that person to tweet about politics and religion. I get enough of that on Facebook. If Mario B tweets about politics, I haven't seen them yet, but I'd dump him too if I came across it.


I tweet about food 100% of the time on Twitter, and that's all I want to talk and read about on that service. Unfortunately sometimes reality doesn't work like I want it to...


ETA oh I remember now what it was...




Charming guy.

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As for Vetri's rants, his big thing is a disdain for gluten-intolerant people.


Splinky would really love him. Not.

from what i've read, he has a problem with people who claim to be gluten intolerant or celiac, but aren't really. he also has issues with making gluten free replicas of foods that traditionally/naturally contain gluten. i think he doesn't mind being creative to make a gluten free meal for someone with an actual auto-immune disease that requires they avoid gluten, but he doesn't want to make fake breads and pasta, because he believes they won't be of good enough quality and that cheapens his efforts in the kitchen. none of that bothers me. i imagine i could get a really wonderful meal at his restaurants, so long as i didn't ask for gluten free bread or pasta. next time i'm in philly, i just might head to one or two of his restaurants

i am puzzled that you think that you can speak for me or that you think that you have some special insight into who i would love or not.

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