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But even with page numbers on an e-reader, you still have to go out of your way to look to see how many pages there are. With a paper book, you can't help but know where you are.


The progress bar works pretty well for me.




The e-books I buy directly from Amazon now have actual page numbers*. If I press the menu button it gives me an actual count instead instead of a % - "Page 372 of 525." (I've got no idea what "locations" are.)


* I suspect this might not have always been the case. Amazon goes out of it's way on it's newer releases to tout them as "having real page numbers" as if this is a newish thing.

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As I read Robert Galbraith's The Silkworm in paper book format (the first paper book I've read in eons), I am reminded how much I prefer my Sony PRS 950 ereader.   Ease of holding, page turning, boo

Not quite that simple, though, because a four page newspaper article and Proust are both have a progress indicator on the same scale, and getting half way through one is easier than getting half way through the other.


Often enough I have a rough idea what the total length of a book is, but when I upload online content to my Kindle I sometimes don't. The only way I can tell if I'm reading a four pager or a fifty pager is to see how fast the progress indicator jumps.


I don't recall page numbers, but I don't have my Kindle with me right now.

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Innovative technology brings us...page numbers!!!







As I said above, I believe this is a relatively new thing. Public domain books that I've put on my Kindle don't have actual page numbers but I'll bet there's freeware that would generate them.

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