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Check out the graphics   http://www.alinearestaurant.com/

Since much of the staff has worked with Chef Achatz before or is currently working with him developing the menu, there will not be the normal "soft opening" type of activities. We are going to have a

There's a Marriott on North Sedgwick? That's new to me. Sedwick is mostly a residential street but for the sem-famous (or notorious) rib joint, Twin Anchors.   McCormick Place is pretty far away

Several polite, non-violating posts were deleted.  Slippery slope, IMO.

yes, because they made no sense after the offending posts had been deleted. If you have any examples of those that you feel should stand and still have context, PM me

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I can't imagine anything more likely to cause board sterility than public bickering between members (and before anyone bothers to defend it on the grounds of philosophical importance, that's how this thread certainly comes across to the majority who are not in the know and involved). At least one potential member has backed out in the past couple of days because of this thread specifically. Other members I'm aware of personally have stopped posting because of various recent threads involving member squabbling. I don't think a few moderator actions to try to get threads back to civil conversation can be compared to the effect of this type of thing for causing board sterility. Mouthfuls is supposed to be fun. Ideological nit-picking is, for most people, not fun.


(Having to weed through 20+ pages of posts to determine which segments of which posts may potentially offend/violate/annoy etc. and should or should not be deleted or edited is also not fun. Admins here are volunteers, not paid employees or indentured servants. If you don't think it would be worth your time to do this kind of detailed selection, well, neither does anyone else).



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If it is necessary to continue this conversation - and I hope it isn't - I would earnestly ask that someone start a thread in the appropriate forum. I know threads can wander off topic, but I really do see the word "Alinea" in quite clear print at the head of this thread.

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