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Chang Likes Cheap Swill. Oliver Fires Back.

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David Chang is drinking Bug Lite.

My Name Is David Chang, and I Hate Fancy Beer
For years I've watched craft-beer aficionados go on about their triple-hopped IPAs and cocoa-flavored English milk stouts while inside I've harbored a dark secret: I love cheap, watery swill. Singha, Tecate, Miller High Life—they're all the champagnes of beer, and for more reasons than you think
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Dave Chang loves the cheap beer...


Chang Hates Fancy Beer...


Beer snobs are the worst of the bunch. You know the old joke about cheap beer being like having sex in a canoe? I will take a beer that's "fucking near water" every night of the week over combing out my neck beard while arguing about hop varieties.



Garrett Oliver calls him out...


It's not the fancy beer you don't like. You don't like us, your people. You have a "tenuous relationship with the Epicurean snob set?" You are the epicurean snob set! I've seen you with champagne in one hand and a Noma lamb leg in the other, chatting up celebrities. Why you frontin'? You spent your first three paragraphs insulting people just like you…is the cash, fame and luxury not working out?
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There's a big middle ground between cheap watery swill and high end, fancy and extreme beers. Thank god.


A place I went to recently had a very carefully curated selection of unusual beers, mostly high in alcohol, and many from highly prized brewers, around $9 a pint and up. But that's all. I say mix it up a little, but I don't say stock Bud Lite and Coors.

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