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US tourists attacked in Istanbul

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Members of a Turkish nationalist youth group assaulted three visiting American sailors in Istanbul on Wednesday, hurling balloons filled with red paint at them, putting white sacks over their heads and calling them murderers.

A video posted online by the group, the Turkish Youth Union, or T.G.B., shows a dozen of its members staging an anti-American protest in the touristy Eminonu district and attacking the sailors, who were not in uniform, in broad daylight.


NY Times reports that 2/3 of Turkish citizens have an unfavorable view of Americans.




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"NY Times reports that 2/3 of Turkish citizens have an unfavorable view of Americans".


Probably close to the same % that Americans have of other Americans.






When we visited Turkey last year, I found most people with whom we interacted were quite friendly, and happy to accept US dollars.

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