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Just give it time.  

delicious and filled with macro and micro nutrients?

Anyone been? A friend just went.

Don't know whether to post this here or in the post about priming: http://docsconz.com/2016/10/the-brilliance-of-damon-baehrel/


Here we go again: "...special opening for four people, on a day that the restaurant would otherwise have been closed." Have we ever heard anything from any of the people filling the restaurant during regular hours?


A good, plausible paragraph on motive.

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Ate here last night (he moved up my reservation 11 years) and it was ethereal.


But no one goes there any more since its existence is existential.


Finished the night with a 2055 Chateau Beauregard. Outstanding vintage and tasted great from a non-plastic straw.


No bill - just pay what you think it was worth. I left a blank checked dated April 1, 2044.

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Supposedly you can order things from his farm now and pick them up?  



Online Farm Stand & Market 2021. Enjoy a taste of the Native Harvest Experience without dining at the restaurant. An ever changing selection of beyond organic produce, specialty items, Damon’s hand crafted specialty foods, breads & wines will be offered to pre-order and pay for online. Safe, non-contact pick-up will be arranged/scheduled on pick-up days at our Farm Stand just outside the restaurant entrance gates. If you’d like to be updated on what’s available (and pick up dates) send an email with “Online Farm Stand” in the subject line to chefsoffice@damonbaehrel.com You’ll be placed on a special email list.


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